Fruit Plus™ Towelettes:
Safe, Natural, Effective . . .

Swipeys® brand of towelettes are the world's most versatile towelettes . . . and the "healthiest" too! Take Fruit Swipes Towelettes wherever you are, wherever you go.

Like other Swipeys® multi-purpose, all-natural towelettes, Fruit Plus™ Towelettes can be used on almost anything. Use it for sanitizing hands and for cleaning kitchen counters, desktops, telephones, keyboards, steering wheels, and the list goes on and on!

Because our Fruit Plus™ towelettes are non-toxic, and their cleansers are and made with 100% all natural ingredients, they can be used to clean food-contract surfaces, e.g., cutting board. No need to rinse!

Also, our multi-purpose, all-natural towelettes are great for cleaning and purifying fruit and veggie.  They are unlike any fruit and veggie cleaners out there.  Other products require rinsing after application. There are some that do not require rinsing, but they can't do what our multi-purpose, all-natural towelettes can, i.e., . . . effectively remove chemicals, cut most types of waxes on fruit and vegetables,* reduce your intake of synthetic waxes, deep clean produces below waxes surface, and kill disease-causing germs on your hand while you clean. Plus, our towelettes are gentle on your hands.

Our Swipeys® brand of multipurpose, all natural towelettes are THE most convenient way to deep clean and purify fruit and veggies on-the-go. No need to rinse . . . just wipe and eat! That easy. That simple. Swipeys® products deliver speed and convenience to enable people to "be clean and healthy . . . Anywhere!"

* Cuts most produce waxes as well as some wood finishes and plastics if product stays on surfaces for long period of time. Always test small area first for compatibility.

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