Naturals® Pet Wipes:
Have a clean & healthy pet . . . Anywhere!

The world's best towelettes for the world's best pets . . . and the healthiest too! Swipeys® Naturals™ Pet Wipes will do wonders for your pets! Great for convenient day-to-day freshening of your pet or between bath. Use it wherever you & your pet are, wherever you go.

  • Powerful pet wipes. Yet gentle enough for daily use.
  • Safe & gentle for your pet's ears & area around the pet's eyes.Safe & gentle for your pet's ears & area around the pet's eyes.
  • Botanical. Made from 98.5% natural ingredients plus 1.5% FDA food grade ingredients.
  • Not hazardous to the environment & your pets. Towelettes are biodegradable, bisphenol (BPA)-free, & phtalate-free.
  • Naturals™ Pet Wipes come with convenient select-a-size feature that allows you tailor to the size of your pets.
  • DEET free! Repels fleas, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, gnats, & other biting insects, so your pets can enjoy the great-out-door more.
  • Conditions your pet's coat, & leaves it soft & shiny.Reduces static buildup from coat.
  • May discourages your pets from wallowing.
  • Neutralizes tough odors. Helps keep your pet smelling fresh & clean anytime, all the time.

Swipeys® Naturals™ Pet Wipes deliver speed and convenience to enable pets to "be clean and healthy . . . Anywhere!" Give Naturals™ Pet Wipes a try and your pets will thank you.

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