Balance™ Natural Deodorant:
re-defines . . . Deodorant

Swipeys® Balance™ Natural Deodorant is a better than any underarm anti-perspirant. It is not an anti-perspirant that clogs your skin pores with aluminum. Our Balance™ underarm deodorant re-defines deodorant. Unlike most deodorants, it does not contain parabens that's been linked to breast cancer. (—Breast Cancer Fund Org) And, it is unlike any underarm deodorants out there that only cover body odor. Balance™ deodorant neutralizes underarm odor naturally. But it does more than neutralize odor . . . It attacks the source. The result is long lasting. You will be amazed at how well Balance™ deodorant works.

Why Balance™ works:

  • Balance™ kills 99.99% of the odor-causing microbes on contact! Perspiring is a part of good health and, in itself, is virtually odorless. However, the by-product from bacteria and fungi is the problem.
  • Balance™ so effectively kills odor-causig microbes deep within the skin’s pores that after 2-3 weeks of continued use, it may allow skipping of days for many individuals!
  • Balance™ has absolutely no aluminum or alum (aluminum mineral salt) which has been linked with Alzheimer’s and other serious health risks.

You will love our Balance™ deodorant!

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